(adapted from the National Panhellenic Conference)

A fraternity/sorority is a social experience based on the fundamental right of a free people to
form voluntary associations. It is one of the enrichments of college life.

The young woman who wants sorority experience will find it possible to belong on most campuses
today. Sorority membership is a social experience arrived at by mutual choice and selection.
Sorority membership is by invitation.
Fraternities/Sororities exist because they:
•        Provide a good democratic social experience.
•        Give value beyond college years.
•        Create, through their ideals, an ever-widening circle of service beyond the membership.
•        Develop the individual's potential through leadership opportunities and group effort.
•        Fill the need of belonging.

Fraternities/Sororities continue because young women feel a continuing need to belong. Parents
appreciate sorority values and standards and cooperate to make membership possible. College
administrations, recognizing the values of fraternities/sororities, continue to welcome them on
their campuses and to invite them to establish new chapters.

About Recruitment
Sorority Recruitment, formerly known as Rush, is a formal schedule of events organized by the
sororities on each campus to meet collegians who have registered for Membership Recruitment.

Recruitment consists of 3-4 "rounds" of parties/events, lasting anywhere from a few days to a
couple of weeks, depending on the number of chapters on campus and the number of women
registered for Recruitment.

The first round is sometimes called Open House, where you will visit each sorority. You will
receive invitations back to some chapters. You are allowed to return to a certain number of
sororities for each round. The final round is called Preferential Event or "Pref." Any sorority that
invites you to the Preferential round is seriously considering you for membership.

Bids are membership invitations that are offered by sororities to women. Sororities offer bids
based on friendship and accomplishments, not on References or legacy status.

References are letters/forms sent to sororities by their alumnae on behalf of young women
attending their college. References do not determine membership in a sorority. Your own
accomplishments and the friendships you make during the recruitment process are the determining
factors for sisterhood. You are not required to find your own References to each sorority. Not all
sororities require a References to offer you a membership bid. If a sorority does require a
References, then the sorority is responsible for finding one - not you.

Sororities use 3 main criteria for invitations: your grades, your activities and your personality.

A Recruitment Counselor will escort your group to each sorority, each night. She is a sorority
member who is trained by Panhellenic and the university to be a guide for you during recruitment.

Tips for Recruitment
•        Don't be afraid to ask questions!
•        Find common interests when you visit a sorority.
•        Be open-minded during your visits.
•        Don't judge a sorority on 2 or 3 members or by its chapter size.
•        Make your own decision.
•        Use your Recruitment Counselor, she's there for you.
•        Most of all - follow your heart and have fun!