What are sororities all about, anyway?
Why would a young woman want to belong to one?
What can they offer?

A sorority is a group of women bound together by common principles, goals, and experiences. Probably the most important thing to a
young woman entering college is the “home away from home” environment that sorority membership offers. Immediately upon joining a
sorority, you belong to a group of women who are interested in you and your well-being. During the recruitment process, you
determine the group that best shares your goals and ideals...the women with whom you want to share friendships.

Other immediate benefits include academic support and opportunities for leadership development and community service. When you
pledge yourself to a sorority, you enter a short period of time for learning about your sorority's history and the expectations of its
members. At the end of this period, your sorority's highest ideals and symbolism will be revealed to you at your initiation.

As a member of a sorority, you'll enjoy many experiences with your sorority sisters. You'll attend sorority events, theme socials with
other Greeks groups, Greek Week, and sisterhood activities. You'll have support in developing study skills and gaining academic
achievement. Your exceptional successes might be recognized through scholarships, campus awards and chapter acknowledgements.

Leadership opportunities are endless. There are many positions within your sorority, from a committee member on up to chapter
president. Your sisters can also open many doors for you in campus involvement. As a member of a National Panhellenic Conference
(NPC) sorority, you'll have the chance to meet sisters from all over the state and the country. Your sorority chapter will participate
in campus and regional Panhellenic activities, where you'll work with other sororities to promote the Greek system.

Sorority membership means friendships for a lifetime. After college, sisters are welcomed into alumnae organizations. Alumnae
organizations include members of collegiate chapters from all over the country. Alumnae organizations continue the goals of
promoting personal and professional development in a social atmosphere.

Sororities and sorority membership mean many things to many people. No other type of organization can offer a young woman so much
during her college days and beyond.

Why wouldn't a young woman want to belong to one?

Sorority membership helps keep female students in college.
Sorority members perform at a higher level in the classroom than students not associated with Greek life.
Alumnae sorority members achieve greater success beyond their college years.

Sorority alumnae contribute more to their alma maters and have a stronger commitment to their universities. Greeks play a bigger role
in civic groups, religious organizations and volunteer activities than non-Greeks. They're also more likely to stay active after
graduation. Three-fourths of the members of the U.S. Congress are Greek.